What Is Mental Health? The Definition, Signs and Symptoms, and How to Get Help


What Is Mental Health? The Definition, Signs and Symptoms, and How to Get Help

Mental health relatated to our emotional, Psychological and Social behaviour, so mental health plays a most important role in our life.

What is mental health?

The main causes of mental health include emotional, psychological and social issues. Social Stress – stress is when we feel fear, sadness, anxiety or sadness. It can happen during different situations, which can lead to some situations to cause mental distress. Fluctuating mood – mental distress can occur due to many different factors such as chronic illness, certain environmental factors and other non-medical factors. Low self-esteem – low self-esteem can affect our confidence and the way we feel about ourselves. Mental illnesses – Mental illness includes disorders, problems and psychological disorders. Some disorders are very common, and some others are rare. Environment is main factor of our stress.

Signs and symptoms of mental health problems

All these are some signs and symptoms of mental health problems. There are many causes of mental health problems such as excessive stress, emotional, physical, mental or sexual problems. Also these problems may be genetic. Take a minute to check your own mental health. It is so important for your mental health and healthy life.

Mental Health Facts

Reasons for issues related to mental health include, general stress, complex family lives and lack of exercise. If we study the effects of mental health we'll find out that 80% of the population suffers from various types of mental disorders. The signs and symptoms of mental disorders is varied but it can be defined as, being depressed for many years, losing your job, behavior changes, difficulty in social interaction and sleep patterns. What is Psychological stress? and Mental health. Perceptual change Depressive feelings Tendency to make rash and impulsive decisions Eating disorders Irritability Difficulty in concentrating Need for strong emotional and physical contact Fear of being alone Anxiety Lack of motivation How to Get Help?

What are the causes of mental health problems?

Common causes of mental health issues are, bullying, substance abuse, birth trauma, attachment disorders, trauma, illness or injuries, and depression. If you or your child is suffering from any of these issues, or you suspect that your child has one, you can go through a proper evaluation. Also, read about effective ways to deal with bullying. Psychological aspects of mental health problems Most of the mental health problems that people have to deal with is caused by the psychological or emotional aspects of the issue. Psychological issues usually involve the minds of the victim. These issues are issues in how they interpret, understand, remember and react to situations. People have unique styles in how they cope with traumatic situations.

How to Get Help (Mental Health)

In case your suicidal thoughts are getting more frequent and intense you need to get help immediately. Help is available and is free. You just have to ask for it. This may sound difficult at first, but it is absolutely achievable. The following list is a list of people you can call, get advice or assistance from. Your family and friends. Your therapist. Your primary care doctor. Mental Health Services 1-800-273-8255 or (TALK) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) A Crisis Text Line is also available.


Every human being is born with a brain made up of various chemical substances, some of them are good for our body and some bad. These substances influence our cognitive functioning and our behaviour in various ways. Some substances lead us towards bad consequences, some others are good for us. Mental health is one of these substances, it determines how the brain and the other organs of our body function and interacts with the environment. For the sake of this understanding, we should divide mental health in two: emotional and social health.

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