What Teens Think?: What Teens Think and Do When They're Not Online


What Teens Think?: What Teens Think and Do When They're Not Online

The Life of Teens are more difficult to understand for parents. His/Her mood change daily, in this age all teens mind is more sensitive. Teens feel difficult to face every new situation. We need to understand their feeling, what they want to say ? what they want to do? and what they feel?

The life of teens

The people of this generation is more independent and less needing of their parents. The lives of teens are made more challenging for them by an unstable economy, an increase in economic issues, hectic social and online activities, major academic pressures and the decline of family and religious values. Parents are facing the world of Generation Z in a completely different way from their own parents and other generations. We as parents need to be aware of how different today’s teens are compared to their parents’ generation. Here are some reasons that can explain why the life of teens is more difficult: 1. Reality series have forced kids to watch how teenagers spend their time on the social media.

What is in the mind of a teen

What does a teenage thinks? Teens must have something they can hang on to. Adults have all rules, no nonsense. Also, their life is all about rules and they don't follow them. So they have an impossible task at hand. They have to ask themselves many questions and discuss a lot. But they are not sure how to get out of their situation and they can't connect the dots. Teens learn on this, so they have lots of question, in which there is a lack of answers. It is something most teenagers experience. The feeling they are lost is so real for them. In a positive way, they can reflect and improve themselves and have new insights from various activities. Teens are human, and so should be understood. Social media has an important role in their lives.

Social Media and mental health

Different generations use social media differently. Some teenagers are afraid of the consequences of their private photos, and posts. Some teens may feel free to vent themselves in online comments. At the same time, there are a lot of negative effects on one’s mental health. To stop their generation from the risk of developing a substance or a mental illness, it is essential to understand teens’ views on social media. Even though they also have their own positive aspects, a lot of teens in this generation feel an unbalance in their self-esteem, relationships and self-image, which is caused by social media. Teens even risk to be cyber bullied, which can cause a total loss of self-esteem and even suicide. Not only their reputation is affected, but their social life is at risk.

What are the way to help your teen?

1. Give your teen the freedom to be himself/herself For many teens, they have not stopped being themselves; and they do not need to be every other teen (or do only what you do) your children do. There are some teen behaviors that are different from others and in each teen, there are also some situations to face. Be sure to let them be with their own choices and their own ways of doings. 2. Listen to their feelings and opinions Ask them directly what they feel and what they want to do. Do not judge or critic your teen. Just listen to him/her talk about his/her opinions. He/She will share his/her feelings with you, so you can give him/her an advice. 3. Do not give up on his/her ideas Sometimes he/she will not listen to you, and tell you that you do not understand him/her.


The most important part to think about: Teens are complicated creatures. Only understand the physical and psychological dimension of them, and you are able to communicate with them in a daily life. Their mood change sometimes in seconds! You are advised to read the daily horoscope to understand more about them and be able to explain your thoughts. The best way to help them at this age is to spend time with them and listen to their feeling. Don’t be afraid to show you care about them. If you don’t have time for it or just don’t feel any urgency to do it, put your worries aside and have fun together. Teenage is hard time to understand. But you are to accept that, because that is the age to learn from them and to respect them.

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