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Cable Squats || cable squats benefits vs. Bodyweight Squats || Which is best for you?

  Cable Squats vs. Bodyweight Squats: Which is best for you? Cable Squat To Shoulder Press Stand hip-width apart, pointing toward cable column. Pullies at low setting, grab handles shoulder height, palms forward. Standing Cable Posterior Deltoid (Reverse Fly ) Arms length from pulleys, grasp opposite handles with vertical grip, elbows bent. Pull handles out horizontally in an arcing motion until they are even with shoulders. Return to start position and repeat. What is a cable squat? At this point in our routine we're going to change up the footwork a bit to try to get in some good compound movements that take the pressure off of our knees. What I mean is we're going to change things up from what we were doing a few sets up. Drip up from your knees in a controlled manner with big toe pointed. If your shoes have a strap over the toe, don't tie it in a bow at the end. When I say controlled, I mean pull down with your toes and not your knees. If you want to get into some modif