Cable Squats || cable squats benefits vs. Bodyweight Squats || Which is best for you?


Cable Squats vs. Bodyweight Squats: Which is best for you?

Cable Squat To Shoulder Press Stand hip-width apart, pointing toward cable column. Pullies at low setting, grab handles shoulder height, palms forward. Standing Cable Posterior Deltoid (Reverse Fly ) Arms length from pulleys, grasp opposite handles with vertical grip, elbows bent. Pull handles out horizontally in an arcing motion until they are even with shoulders. Return to start position and repeat.

What is a cable squat?

At this point in our routine we're going to change up the footwork a bit to try to get in some good compound movements that take the pressure off of our knees. What I mean is we're going to change things up from what we were doing a few sets up. Drip up from your knees in a controlled manner with big toe pointed. If your shoes have a strap over the toe, don't tie it in a bow at the end. When I say controlled, I mean pull down with your toes and not your knees. If you want to get into some modified squats you could use a strap like my DDP Yoga one to hold your knees, but this is just for safety. The cable squats I will show you here are just ways to exercise your legs without putting any extra pressure on your knees, hips, and back.

What are the benefits of a cable squat?

My favorite squat. Great for those with limited mobility or limited strength. Very difficult to perform in the gym without the knowledge of how to properly tension the cable. How many sets of cable squats is one recommended? Can vary on many factors such as number of muscle groups involved and the weight you want to squat. Can be done with lighter weights with a broader range of mobility and ability, or heavier weights and greater range of mobility and ability. For muscle activation, you’ll need the heavier weights to be more capable of mobility and to keep the bar moving past your shins. How many repetitions do I typically perform a work set? Greater range of mobility and ability work sets can range from 12 to 16 or more repetitions.

What is a bodyweight squat?

Bodyweight Squat With Stability Ball Stand with feet hip-width apart and holding a Stability Ball. Kick both legs forward and drop into squat position. Push into ball for stability. Stretch arms and legs to complete the movement. Bodyweight Squat With Ball Hold a stability ball at a 45 degree angle to the floor, either in front of your hips or under your upper chest. Push into the ball for stability. Return to start position and repeat. Squat To Shoulder Press Perform squat to shoulder press with a cable squat station. Stand with feet hip-width apart and facing cable column. Grab handles and lower into position. Pull handles out toward shoulders, palms facing in. Lower down until the hands are in line with the shoulders. Raise and then lower the shoulder pads down.

What are the benefits of a bodyweight squat?

1. Can train the entire body using minimal equipment.

2. Decreases the load on your knees.

3. Keeps the rotator cuff tendon from getting overworked.

4. Gives you a nice bar path.

5. Can improve your balance.

6. Feels amazing.

7. It works the whole body.

8. Can quickly integrate into your current workout schedule.

Does a bodyweight squat provide a back arch? No. How to perform the Cable Squat:

1. Secure the pulleys with a loop, then a pulley on your bar.

2. Move into the "squat" position.

3. Pullies at low setting, grab handles shoulder height, palms forward.

4. At the bottom of the movement squeeze your glutes and then, pull back.

5. Hold for 2 seconds then do 3 sets of 8 reps.


There are many different variations of this squat, all of which will make different people significantly different, but what’s important to consider is the role of the glute and hamstring in general. You can squat any way you want, but the key is to do it right, and that requires your butt in the right place. Hope this helps!


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